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15 June 2024 Global Wind Day

15 June 2024 Global Wind Day

15 June 2024 Global Wind Day

The day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of wind energy and the power it has to change the world

Wind has been both a challenge and a source of opportunity for mankind since the earliest times of history. Ancient Egyptians benefited from the power of the wind by inflating their sails while travelling on the Nile River in 5000 BC. The Chinese invented wind-powered water pumps around 200 BC. In the Middle East and Persia, the first windmills appeared, using wind power to grind grain.

The History of Wind and the Origins of Global Wind Day For thousands of years, wind energy has contributed to the development of civilisations, changed the course of wars and even inspired the creation of proverbs and idioms. Today, wind continues to power our economy and is shaping the history of clean energy. Global Wind Day is celebrated to explore the power of wind energy and its potential to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost employment.

Global Wind Day is an international event celebrated on 15 June each year. The day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of wind energy and the power it has to change the world, improve energy systems and decarbonise economies. Organised by Wind Europe and GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), the event was first celebrated in Europe in 2007 and only a few years later, in 2009, it was celebrated globally. More than 80 countries are now celebrating this day. Furthermore, the wind energy sector creates employment, especially in areas such as wind turbine service and technician, and this profession has become one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. Countries such as China, Germany, India, Spain, the UK and Brazil are leading the way in wind energy production worldwide.

The theme for Global Wind Day 2024 is to celebrate and raise awareness of the power and potential of wind energy to change the world. On this day, wind energy companies and organisations organise various events such as educational seminars, tours to wind farms, wind turbine demonstrations and parades. Organised in cooperation with EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) and GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), these events aim to promote the advantages of wind energy to a wider audience. (1)

Wind Energy and Sustainable Future Wind energy leaves a smaller carbon footprint compared to fossil fuels and provides cleaner air on our planet. Wind energy investments also offer economic benefits by reducing the amount of money spent on fossil fuel imports.

Wind energy offers us a powerful alternative to take a step towards a sustainable future. Combined with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard, organisations can manage their energy consumption more effectively and achieve energy efficiency targets. In this way, they can contribute to a sustainable future both economically and environmentally.

Wind energy is an important part of the steps towards a sustainable future. This form of energy has the potential to replace fossil fuels as a clean, renewable and unlimited resource. Understanding and utilising this value of wind energy becomes even more possible with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard.

The best compass on your energy efficiency journey is ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS). This standard raises awareness of the need for organisations to develop, implement and maintain energy management systems to enable them to continuously improve energy performance. With our training and certification programme, you can join this sustainable adventure by contacting us via info@cfecert.co.uk to sail towards a green future and enlighten our world by using energy wisely. 🌱💡🌍


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