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Demonstrating Diligence to Customers with Certification

Demonstrating Diligence to Customers with Certification

Demonstrating Diligence to Customers with Certification

Adopting ISO 27001 mandates formally defining protocols

Customers increasingly demand visibility into the policies and controls organizations deploy around handling sensitive assets like personal data. High profile breaches continuously erode consumer trust. A 2022 survey shows 62% of customers will walk away from a vendor after just one data breach. This environment makes earning trust imperative. 

Certification through rigorous cybersecurity standards like ISO 27001 backed by reputable third party auditors furnishes customers with evidence that critical assets stay protected. Preparing for exhaustive ISO 27001 certification audits forces firms to walk the talk on safeguards like encryption, access management, or data disposal. Continuous infrastructure, application, and process testing required for attaining certification provides assurance vulnerabilities get addressed before criminals exploit them. Checks that controls align with prevailing best practices also future-proof company systems as threats escalate. Ongoing internal and external audits demonstrate continuous security improvements to customers.

Transparent communication is another certification benefit. Adopting ISO 27001 mandates formally defining protocols to rapidly notify those affected by confirmed incidents. This upfront planning reduces delays updating customers on breach response progress, strengthening confidence in vendor commitments despite adversity. Associated certification training programs like ISO 27001 Lead Auditor courses ensure personnel understand the importance of customer trust. Certified responded team members can address inquiries effectively during disputes or high-pressure scenarios.

Internationally recognized ISO certification signals extensive third-party validation of diligent infosec governance benefiting customers. As risks intensify, verification of stringently benchmarked controls will distinguish vendor security postures. Preemptively getting certified protects customer loyalty, promoting retention even after the inevitable breach. Make sure your information standard is up to date! Get in touch with us now! sales@cfecert.co.uk 

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